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Growth by customer focus and flexibility


Chemie-Faser Ebnat AG is a family owned and run company located in the East of Switzerland which has 40 years of experience in the production of polypropylene-strapping.

Founded 1971 by Ernst Jäger senior and located in the building of a former weaving mill, the company was taken over by his son Ernst Jäger junior in 1973. Since 1975 the company has followed a program to constantly expand the production processes and warehouse capacity for raw materials and final goods. In 2002 and 2005 additional modern manufacturing lines for the production of narrow strap became operational.

content_bilder/bonsaihand.jpgThomas Jäger joined the company in 2002 and the management team in 2005 as the third generation of the family Jäger.

As a family owned and run company our commitment to our clients is to provide a high standard of personal service, offering a wide standard range of products as well as customised solutions to satisfy our individual client requirements.

Typical clients include the printing industry, mail order companies or the timber- and building industries.

Chemie-Faser Ebnat AG has constantly expanded within the domestic Swiss market and operates across the whole of Europe.